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Falcon F48 Ready to Ship

Falcon F48 Ready to Ship

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This fully built F48V3 is built in a 32022 Budbox enclosure, with waterproof network connectors for all ports.  It is built and ready to ship. 



Falcon F48 Pixel Controller

Completely Assembled. Can drive up to 16384 pixels.  48 Differential Outputs no local ports. Can connect up to 12 Falcon Differential Receivers. No returns or exchanges.


Board current specs

New Features 

  • 96 Universes of E131/Artnet.
  • 2-Port Switch to "Daisy-Chain" controllers.
  • Wireless ESP-07 Module with board mount antenna. Optional external antenna can be ordered.
  • Falcon Player Remote Mode. The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master. (Coming Soon)
  • Single 4-Layer Board.
  • Ability to drive 12 Receivers boards.

Board can be powered from 5V, 3 amp power supply. 
Power output port to power switches. 

Number of ports
48 Ports. 
All ports can use any of the 49152 channels this controller can receive as a start address.
Each string can be independently configured for null nodes, zigzag, forward/reverse, node type, pixel count , grouping etc...

Pixels per port
48 pixel ports are divided up into 3 groups with a configurable max number of pixels per port in each group. All three groups share a portion of a 1024 max pixels per port. The user can set ports 1-16 to have a max pixel count of 512, ports 17-32 to have max count of 256 and ports 33-48 to have max count of 256. Max pixels per port in each group must always add up to 1024.

String Types
All string ports can be any of the following string types. They all can be independently set. 

WS2811 / WS2812 / TM1804 / TM1803 / TM1809 / TM1812 / SM16715 / INK1003

DMX/Renard/Pixelnet Outputs
4 - Dedicated RS-485 outputs. 3 RJ-45 connectors and 1 3-pin connector (Not shown on image).

LCD Display,Push Buttons and Indicators
.96" OLED 128x64 matrix display for setup and status.
5 - Push buttons to control display. Up, Down, Right, Left and Select
Power LED indicator
Two multi purpose LEDS for status.

Temperature Sensors

1 - Processor temperature sensor.

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