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K40D-PB Ready to Ship

K40D-PB Ready to Ship

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Build Specifications

This Kulp K40D-PB, is built in a bud box 32016 enclosure, pocket beagle, 10 waterproof outputs for receivers, and a 5v 350-watt meanwell power supply.   

Board Specifications

The K40D-PB is a cape for the PocketBeagle designed to drive ws2811 LED pixels. It has 10 RJ45 differential ports that can output 40 strings of pixel data. It also has a single UART based differential output for driving DMX, Renard, LOR, PixelNet, etc….

The K40D-PB also provides a Real Time Clock, temperature sensors, a header for an OLED display, and four push buttons for navigating menus on the display.


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