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Wally's Lights WB1616

Wally's Lights WB1616

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Build Specifications

The Wally's Lights WB1616, will be built in a bud box 32022 or 32026 enclosure, Xconnect pigtails, 4 waterproof outputs for receivers, vented and 4 Meanwell power supplies.

Board Specifications

The WB1616 is a BBB cape controller based off of the FPP software.  With 16 local, 16 Remote, and 2 DMX ports this controller is capable of controlling over 40,000 pixels. Both 12V and 5V pixels can be used with this controller by selecting the correct voltage on the left side of the board. Connect up to 4 Universal Differential Receivers to extend the range of your data lines and add 16 more ports. You can run up to 800 Pixels per port at 40fps and up to 1400 pixels per port at 20fps.

Lead Time

This build will be built once order is paid for.  Normal lead time for completion and shipping is 1-3 weeks.  If item cannot be built in the time frame due to equipment shortages, you will receive notification of an approximate build time.



This will be loaded with FPP 5.5, if you want to upgrade to 6.0 you will need to acquire a license from the FPP developers

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