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Falcon F48V4

Falcon F48V4

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Build Specifications

This Falcon F48V4, will be built in a bud box 32022 enclosure, Xconnect pigtails, 14 waterproof outputs for receivers, vented, and a 12v 350-watt meanwell power supplies.   

Board Specifications

  • 192 Universes of E131, Artnet or DDP.
  • 2-Port Switch to "Daisy-Chain" controllers.
  • Wireless ESP-07 Module with board mount antenna. Optional external antenna can be ordered.
  • Falcon Player Remote Mode. The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master. 
  • Single 4-Layer Board.
  • Ability to drive 12 SmartReceiver chains.

    Lead Time

    This build will be built once order is paid for.  Normal lead time for completion and shipping is 1-3 weeks.  If item cannot be built in the time frame due to equipment shortages, you will receive notification of an approximate build time.

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